Our Story

NALI Limited is a family owned food processing company that was founded in 1974 by Alford Nali-Lo Khoromana, from the Thyolo District in Malawi. Nali-Lo Khoromana was the pioneer of growing bird’s eye chillies in Malawi and processing them into NALI Hot sauces. The NALI Hot sauce brand has attained a cult-like status with chilli lovers across Africa and other parts of the world because of its hotness and great taste, so much so that, it has been dubbed as “Africa’s hottest peri-peri sauce”. Our slogan, ABALE SAMALANI (FRIENDS, TAKE CARE), is a constant reminder of how hot our NALI Hot Sauce is perceived throughout the World.
The flagship NALI Hot Sauce is made from Malawian Bird’s eye chilli which is the hottest in Africa. Its high local and international demand has played a significant role in the development of Malawi. Its production, combined with other NALI products such as honey and vinegar have created over 1,000 jobs and has supported over 3,000 farmers countrywide. All NALI products are certified by the Malawi Bureau of Standards and In 1994, the company’s chilli range of products was validated by the United States Food and Drug Association (FDA) as fit for export into the American Market.

Taste Driven

All of the chillies used in NALI’s range of hot sauces were originally only grown in the Luchenza district, in the southern region of Malawi. Due to the high demand for NALI sauces on the local market, NALI now sources its chillies from farmers across Malawi, from regions that have a suitable climate for their growth, for example, Kasungu, Zomba and Mangochi to name a few.

Made the Quality Way

All the chillies are hand-picked, ensuring that only the finest make it into our delicious sauces. All the farmers who supply NALI with chillies are assisted with sustainable farming methods and in some cases seed, to ensure that there is consistency in all of the NALI chilli sauces.

Family of Creators

Once the chillies are hand-picked, they are washed to remove all impurities. They are then, crushed, blended and cooked with our special spices. After the chilli sauces have been blended and cooked, they are then bottled, capped and labelled, ready to be consumed by the NALI faithful.

NALI Basics

NALI Limited has been a family-owned business since its inception in 1974. Throughout our existence, we have incorporated the family values that were instilled in us by our late Father, Mr Alford Nali-Lo Khoromana. We at NALI believe family comes first and that is why we treat everyone who walks through our doors with love and respect. It is because of these values that we have been able to produce products that Malawians and people across the globe have grown to love. With this solid foundation that was built by our Father, We aim to develop and increase the market share of NALI products both on the local and export markets. Enhancing our production capacity, whilst maintaining the processing of good quality NALI products, is one of NALI Limited’s strategic objectives. As a significant contributor to the Malawian social-economic fabric, we believe this is in tandem with the national economic development goals, to increase production and exports, reduce imports and the reliance on donor assistance in order to grow the national economy.

NALI Limited operates both in the rural areas, as well as, in the urban setting. Our production factory is based in Luchenza, where we provide employment to the rural population; however, our Head Office sits in Mpingwe, Limbe, where our employees reside in the city. The company has created over 1,000 jobs and has supported over 3,000 farmers countrywide, throughout the years and continues to do so. We aim to create more jobs, support more farmers and create more opportunities for suppliers and distributors of our products. In summary, you could say that our main mission is to simply grow the NALI family.